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Nevada Spring

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Lapis Nevada is an unusual semi-precious stone. In Latin, lapis means stone. Stones are combinations of minerals. Lapis Nevada is “stone of Nevada”, where the material was discovered in 1954. According to, Lapis Nevada may contain Actinolite, Apatite, Clinozoisite, Diopside, Epidote, Feldspar, Marialite-Meionite, Quartz, Sericite, Thulite, and/or Zoisite in any combination. (Say that two or three times without faltering and I will be truly impressed.) These beads are a lovely speckled pink and green on a cream background.  Add to that some Rose Quartz, gold beads, and a Peruvian Pink Opal centerpiece and you get a delicate mixture of pastels that has a simple elegance. The necklace is 18" long with a 2” gold-filled extender and a lobster clasp.